Allergy Advice

Welcome to North West Allergy

The North West of England is the third largest region and is home to nearly seven million people, or one eighth of the UK population. There are one and a half million children in the region and it is estimated that allergy affects at least a quarter of all children living in the North West.  

The North West children's allergy network is a group of specialist children's doctors and nurses from centre's throughout the North West who specialise in allergy.  We meet regularly to share our knowledge and expertise to ensure that children who are living with allergies in the North West are receiving the best available care.  Our aim is to provide high quality, and up to date knowledge and information to the children, families and carers of children living with allergies.  

We also work to provide a source of information and support to general practioners, and healthcare workers who are involved with children with allergies further to this we run a programme of allergy study days throughout the region  which are well attended and are becoming increasingly popular.

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