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Patient zone

This zone supports children, their families and carers. It contains leaflets on common allergies and guidance on treatments, including videos on how to use auto-injector pens and inhalers. It also contains details of local NHS allergy services in the North West of England, the specialists that work there, and what they offer.

Health Professional Zone

This zone supports Health Professionals in the North West of England. It contains information about common allergies as well as their prevention and treatment. There are resources such as pathways and management plans to support the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. There is also a section on network developments and events.

The North West of England is home to seven million people or one eighth of the UK population. The region has 1.5 million children and it is estimated that one in four, or nearly 400,000 have allergic diseases.

The North West Children’s Allergy Network is coordinated by specialists in children’s allergies from around the North West region, working together with nurses, dietitians, primary care professionals and patient and carer representatives.  We meet regularly to share our knowledge and expertise to ensure that allergy care is coordinated and first rate across the region.

Our aim is to provide children, their parents and carers with the very latest in evidence-based high quality care and information. We also work to provide training, information and support to general practitioners and healthcare workers involved in caring for children with allergies through our programme of allergy study days.