We are delighted to invite you to a meeting on Thursday the 7th Feb 2019 discussing delivery of group dietetic sessions for parents of infants with CMPA. Nowgen Centre, 29 Grafton Street, Manchester, M13 9WU

TimeSession Speaker
12:30Welcoming remarksDr Naveen Rao, Consultant paediatrician and speciality lead, MFT
12:35North West Group Dietetic Practice and OutcomesLee Tomlinson, Dietitian, Wythenshawe Hosptial & Helen Stanton, Dietitian, Wirral
1.05National Resources and packLisa Cooke, Dietetian, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
1.35Availability of resources on WebDr Peter Arkwright, Consultant Paediatric Immunologist, RMCH
1.45Q&ADr Naveen Rao
2.45Update on weaning guidelines, Iodine and micro-nutrient deficienciesHelen Stanton & Rachel Wood, Dietitians
4.00Closing remarksDr Naveen Rao

This meeting is offered free of charge to healthcare professionals who practice in the North West.  For professionals practising outside of the North West please contact Ms Laurie Niland in the first instance.

If you follow the link below you can apply and it will only take you a few minutes. Please use an up to date internet browser and Google chrome is probably the best option. The online application form is also compatible with most mobile phones. Please follow this link https://tinyurl.com/dieteticevent.

You will receive a confirmation prompt once you submit the form this will confirm you have registered for a place. Please feel free to circulate this to your colleagues who you think would be interested in this event.

Rationale for Meeting

Following PPI events by the Manchester Allergy Support Group in 2016 identifying the lack of effective and timely support for parents with infants who suffer from cow’s milk protein allergies a different approach to care has now been evaluated in a number of centres in the North West. The focus is on Group Dietetic sessions for between 6 to 10 infants and their parents led by a dietitian, sometime with the help of the local HV. Over the last two years successful pilots are now up and running at Wythenshawe Hospital, The Wirral, and in community practices in Trafford, Bury and Oldham. The group sessions have been enthusiastically received by both parents and dietitians, with better peer support, reduced waiting times for patients and more rapid throughput. Dietitians from pilot centres have now formed a Group Dietetic Subgroup of the network to provide consensus documents and protocols for other centres who are interested in setting up these sessions. If anyone needs further details please contact me using the following email address:laurie.niland@mft.nhs.uk

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