Whether your child is off to nursery, school or university, their allergies should not have to restrict their education or activities. Neither should their allergies affect your travel plans. Like going anywhere, some preparation is always helpful. Here are some simple hints to make moving around with allergies easier.

Nursery, School, College, University

Make sure an allergy action plan is in place and emergency medication is easily accessible at at all times. Medication should be kept in a clear box with the child’s name and photograph and emergency contact details.

Arrange a meeting prior to your child starting school to discuss their allergies and make sure all necessary training is in place. Discuss allergies with the catering manager if you require you child to have school meals. The doctor or nurse looking after your child’s allergies can help if there are queries or concerns. Just ask.

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Check that you have all your usual medication for the time you are away. If you have an adrenaline auto-injector, get your doctors to complete a covering letter (Click here) so you can show it to the staff at the baggage check-in. Research the nearest hospital to where you are staying.

Check to see what safe food alternatives are available before travelling. Prepare translation cards if going to a non-English speaking country. Allergyaction.org and Allerglobal.com offer free, printable translations cards. Food-info.net provide a free translation dictionary for over 200 allergy-related words in other languages.

Check that your travel insurance covers you and your child in the event that you need treatment for an allergic reaction.