Not all allergies are for life

Children may outgrow their food allergies. This is particularly true for dairy/cow's milk, egg, soya and wheat. Three in 4 children with cow's milk or egg allergies will be able to eat some baked food such as milk in biscuits or egg in cake. If they can and continue to eat these baked foods, they are likely to outgrow their allergies faster.

Children can often be helped to outgrow their milk, egg and some other food allergies

If children tolerate baked milk and egg without reacting that's great. They should be encouraged to have a little of these foods at least 3 times a week. With advice from your doctor, nurse or dietitian, children can be helped to tolerate less well cooked forms of the food. This is commonly called ``working up the food ladder``. Food ladders are worked up gradually over many months. See your allergy healthcare worker for more information. You should not try going up these food ladders without their advice.

Some food allergies are more persistent

Allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shell fish are usually more persistent. Children are less likely to outgrow these allergies. It is however important to make sure that the diagnosis was made correctly in the first place to avoid unnecessary life-long dietary and life-style restrictions. Your doctor can help make sure the diagnosis is correct. Sometimes this requires challenging the child with the food, but this should only be done with the advice of your specialist and in hospital.