Adrenaline Auto-Injectors

These deliver adrenaline to patients experiencing allergic reactions with breathing problems or faintness (anaphylaxis).

Patients should not be prescribed auto-injectors without being shown how to use it.

Below are links to BSACI Allergy Management Plans. Click on the one that is relevant to your patient.

What they are:

Auto-injectors help to relieve

  • laryngeal oedema
  • bronchospasm
  • hypotension

What they are not:

Don’t rely on auto-injectors to save lives

All patients experiencing anaphylaxis must

be transferred  to medical services for review and appropriate follow-up as symptoms may rapidly recur

Patient with antihistamine but NO adrenaline auto-injector


Patient with EMERADE adrenaline auto-injector


Patient with EPIPEN adrenaline auto-injector


Patient with JEXT adrenaline auto-injector