Summer brings worsening hay fever

The warm weather in the North West will raise the pollen count and increase the suffering for many with hay fever.


  1. try and stay inside, particularly in the early evening with the windows closed if you are suffering badly.
  2. Take your prescribed hay fever medication regularly.
  3. If you don’t have any prescribed medicines, see your chemist in the first instance for advice.
  4. Don’t use Piriton, but rather one of the newer longer-acting antihistamines such as loratidine, cetirizine, desloratidine or fexofenadine.
  5. You can take more than one dose of these antihistamines each day if needed.
  6. If coming in from outside, wash your face and hands and change your clothes.
  7. See our information leaflet on the Resources page for more information.
  8. If you are still suffering despite this advice, seek help from your GP.