Our Children’s Allergy Network of health care professionals spans the whole of the North West of England. We also work with colleagues in North Wales to help support children there.

Your first port of call for professional advice will be your GP surgery. Your GP, practice nurse or health visitor will be able to help with many of your questions or otherwise refer your child to a hospital specialist.

Hospital paediatricians and paediatric specialists are there to support GPs and other health care professionals working in the community as well as help to look after children with severe, unusual allergic diseases, or those that are not responding as expected to the usual treatment. Click on the hospital nearest you to find out what is offered and how to get referred.

Other important members of the overall Allergy Network include dietitians who are very important particularly in infants and young children with complex food allergies, school nurses who can support ongoing care in the school, and our local allergy support groups. There are now support groups in Manchester, Liverpool and Macclesfield with links to Anaphylaxis Campaign UK.