You’ve got a question – we’ve got the answer. . .

Doctors are here to help. They are here to treat your child, but more than that they are here to address your concerns.

When you go to see your doctor, make it clear why you have made the appointment. You might want a diagnosis, treatment, reassurance, answers to a number of queries or a combination of all of these.

Before you go, it’s often worth writing down what you want help with. Below is a list of questions you might like to consider. At the end of the consultation you can review the checklist with the doctor or nurse to make sure that you are happy with the advice and support provided.

Your checklist might contain one or more of the following points:

Does my child have an allergy? If so, to what?

If my child does suffer from an allergic reaction, how bad might it be?

How do I treat an allergy reaction? How might I prevent an allergic reaction happening again?

Will my child outgrow their allergy? How long will it take? Can I do anything to speed it up?

How will the allergy affect their everyday life? Their schooling? Can we go on holidays?