The network is involved in a number of projects which are detailed in this section. These include:

DREAM STUDY – A clinical trial for children 6 – 12 months old to see if we can help them to outgrow their milk allergy.

NOVEL TREATMENTS FOR CHILDREN WITH BAD ECZEMA – Our site at RMCH Clinical Trials Unit continues to take part in international studies of novel drugs for the treatment of children with bad eczema. Results of this work have lead to dupilumab becoming available for children with severe eczema down to the age of 6 months old.

NOVEL TREATMENT FOR CHILDREN WITH IDIOPATHIC URTICARIA – Our site at RMCH will soon be opening for the study of a new biologic for the treatment of adolescents with refractory idiopathic urticaria.

DATABASE DEVELOPMENT – in conjunction with colleagues at the University of Manchester, developing an electronic system of collecting and collating data on workload within the children’s allergy network across the region

GROUP DIETETIC SESSIONS FOR INFANTS WITH COW’S MILK PROTEIN ALLERGY – Pilots were conducted at Wythenshawe Hospital and in community centres in Oldham in order to combine professional dietetic input with peer support for parents of infants with cow’s milk protein allergy. We now plan to expand this initiative across the region.

PARTNERSHIP WITH NHS 111 – We have worked with NHS111 head quarters in Bolton to review their allergy management pathways for children. We provided education and training for their staff in children’s allergies.

FUTURE HOSPITAL PROJECT – coordinated by the Royal College of Physicians. The aim of this project is to educate and empower primary care clinicians to effective manage children with milk and nut allergies in the community, avoiding the need for frequent hospital reviews for the majority of patients.

AMEND NOW – linking up with children’s emergency departments throughout the region to ensure optimal acute management and follow-up of children suffering from anaphylaxis

EXTENDING PRIMARY CARE ELECTRONIC PATIENT RECORD SYSTEM (EMIS) TO GUIDE GPs IN MANAGEMENT OF MILK ALLERGY AND ADRENALINE AUTO-INJECTOR USE – We have conducted preliminary work with GPs in the region to develop new EMIS programs what will guide and support their management of infants with cow’s milk allergy and children needing an adrenaline auto-injector. Any colleagues interested in taking this forward please contact